I Can See The Red House From Horse Pond or Plants Morfar Never Had in His Garden (2023)

Materials: Wild Blueberry Bush Potted in a Handmade Wild Clay Pot Sourced From Cape Cod, Native Cape Cod Plants: Bayberry, Leatherleaf, Mayberry, Sweet Fern, Sweet Pepper Bush, and Cranberry. Sand From Horse Pond, Cape Cod Beach Sand, Atlantic Ocean Water, Print Photographs, Wood Slab, and Audio From Home Videos

        A study of the connections across culture, environment, and the landscape through materiality. All the materials were sourced from Cape Cod including the clay for the pot and the sand used in the concrete. Old home videos from these sites, as well as home videos from the island my mother grew up on, are the source of the audio. Print photographs accompanied by samples document the landscape and native plants of Cape Cod. The central pot is home to a blueberry bush, a plant that is native to both Cape Cod and Norway. I have memories of picking wild blueberries with my family in Norway, they were one of the only things my grandfather didn’t grow in his garden because they could be found in abundance in nature.